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It would be cool if somebody anonymously inboxed me just a bunch of questions and I would answer them all truthfully and honestly. And after I posted it anonymous would tell me “your turn” and I’d reply with even more questions. But I’m not really expecting anything to happen due to the amount of followers I don’t have and also the fact that nobody really responds to these posts.

Happy Rant.

So, today I was told that a producer wants to speak with me. This guy produced the Johnny Carson show, and now produces the Late Night Show with David Letterman. Tomorrow, I get the chance to have a conversation and ask for advice from a person who can be considered David Letterman’s boss. Another cool fact, I’m named after this producer. Worst case scenario is he won’t be able to answer his private number. Best case scenario: he sets me up with a ton of agents and in the next year or two I begin filming on a set. I’m going to wear diapers to school tomorrow because I’m going to be shiting myself from everything.

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